Mesmer Pharmaceuticals

Mesmer Pharmaceuticals is shaping itself up to become India’s most respected Pharmaceutical Companies. In this endeavour, efforts are on to deliver better health through superior products and opportunities for better life. With the pride of being one of the strong leaders in marketing CNS product range, and increasing presence in various other therapeutic segments such as cardiac, diabetic, and pain segments etc., through cost-effective manufacturing capabilities, the company intends to produce, high margin speciality generic formulations.

Our mission is to conduct research, develop new formulations & product innovations, and successfully market them to cure diseases and enhance the quality of life. With a strong manufacturing infrastructure, Mesmer has the state of art facilities, to maintain high-quality standards at every stage in the manufacturing process with strict adherence to GMP. The manufacturing facilities have a unidirectional flow of men and materials movement and are capable to manufacture various dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, and Dry Powders under stringent GMP environment conditions. The facilities are equipped with the latest equipment to manufacture products as per International Regulatory Standards.

All the units operate under Quality Management System (QMS) as per International guidelines and eQMS system has been implemented to facilitate the QMS for continuous improvement. Our plants have Independent full-fledged Quality Control Laboratories which consists of instrumentation, chemical, microbiological and packaging material testing sections. Quality control operations are handled through Quality Laboratory Management System (QLMS) enabling direct capture of data from the equipment to reduce human intervention and errors.

Dedicated storage areas are in place for raw materials, packing materials and finished goods as per the storage condition requirements. Two stability centers equipped with walk-in chambers to perform stability studies for all the Zones as per ICH guidelines. The entire operations from the customer order entry till the dispatch of finished goods is on ERP. Environment Health and Safety (EHS) measures are in place as per global standards. Facilities are equipped with Effluent Treatment Plant, Fire hydrants system, Emergency Response Plan, to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Mesmer manufacturing facilities are designed, equipped and operated to deliver high-quality products within defined cost and delivery schedules. Our mission is to serve the mankind at a reasonable cost and to deliver novel niche segment of medicines.

Research & Development

Mesmer Pharmaceuticals has a long-term commitment to developing Bioequivalent Generics with the help of world-class research and high-quality standards. Our research and development team consists of over 50 scientists and developers who are highly qualified and experienced in the formulation and analytical development. Our focus remains on continuing to develop new formulations in various dosage forms including Solid dosage, liquid dosage, Creams, ointments etc.

R&D centers

The highlights of the R&D centers

  • Development of Generics
  • Strict Compliance IPR
  • Infrastructure includes a facility for scale-up & validation 
  • Capability includes handling complex chemistries 
  • Regulatory complaint development & scale-up 

The dosage forms

The dosage forms and technologies developed by our R&D include

  • Immediate Release Solid Dosage Form (IR)
  • Sustained Release tablet Technology (DR)
  • Enteric Coated Technology
  • Direct Compression Technology
  • Orodispersible tablet form
  • Chewable tablet form

Once a  Product is developed

Once a pharmaceutical product is developed, it undergoes the following:

  • Conceiving and identifying product profile
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Lab formula development and development for stability & validation
  • Scale up for process optimization /validation
  • Analytical method development
  • Pilot-scale mfg in cGMP facility (Clinical supplies)
  • Stability studies as per ICH guidelines
  • Dossier preparation for submission/Technical assistance for contract manufacturing
  • Data management (for transfer to customer/ Regulatory Affairs)