Icon Life Science

ICON LIFE SCIENCES is a young, vibrant & successful pharmaceutical company with a registered name Mesmer Pharmaceuticals. Driven by passion and singular focus of marketing innovative products & novel therapeutic concepts, ICON was established in the year 2004. Icon has been taking big strides in these years with a goal to help patients live healthier lives through two parallel objectives. One is by formulating, developing and commercializing medicines and the most important aim is to provide affordable medicines to satisfy the medicinal needs of all.

With initial focus into the Neuropsychiatry and the ensuing success, Icon is gradually spreading its wings into other chronic therapy segments like pain management, diabetology and cardiology as well. All the products are manufactured at high-end, advanced facilities that are GMP and WHO certified. Ably supported by a team brimming with energy, the organization is being steered by a team of inspired professionals who are committed to carve out due share in every segment that Icon is in.

Confidence propels success, Icon with its confidence has been able to achieve the milestones set in the planned timelines right from inception. Though it’s miles to go before a significant impact is made in the markets that Icon is in, there have been creditable achievements like the gabapentin brand (PROGABA) entering into ORG-AC Neilson within the first year of its launch, launch of pregabalin in tablet formulation for the first time in India. The other achievements include launch of many unique formulations and tailor made unique strengths of gabapentin, baclofen, duloxetine, fluvoxamine, pregabalin and citicholine.

As they say Challenges are Champions’ breakfast, Icon launched its second neuropsychiatry division “Impetus” in the year 2011 with an objective of reinforcing the commitment to neuropsychiatry and spreading its wings into more therapy segments within CNS. Shortly after that Icon took major stakes in Illumine, a company focused on cardiovascular and diabetology range of products.

Geographically now in 16 states of the country, Icon is slowly expanding into more states and would have a nationwide presence by end 2016.

We are in competition with none..... We are simply trying to be better than what we were yesterday”.